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Moose Sighting (Day7)

Friday, October 7th, 2011

In so many ways, my life these days is a million miles away from where I came from. I grew up on a farm in the exurbs of Washington D.C., with extended family in rural Southern Maryland. I went to a teeny tiny private school in Annapolis. Then I headed up north to Smith College – a small, women’s liberal arts college in a quaint Western Massachusetts town.¬†It was all sort of ¬†contained and bounded – and decidedly NOT urban.

For a couple of years in college, I lived in a dorm called Talbot House. It had a giant moose head hanging on the wall in the stairwell on the way down to the dining room. The moose was our mascot and he loomed large in house lore.

I don’t have any Talbot House gear, nor anything from Smith [or Berkeley!] for that matter. It never really even crossed my mind to acquire any.

These days, I generally work in urban areas that are gritty, in need of investment, and definitely lacking the quaint charm of my east coast life. Today, we took a class of high school students from Kennedy High School in Richmond, CA to tour a local area to learn more about it and prepare improvement recommendations for presentation at City Hall in November. Richmond is a tough city with high crime that has experienced huge disinvestment over the last few decades. The tour was fun. But – like I said – a million miles from my past life.

So, you can imagine my surprise when a bright and thoughtful young woman walked by sporting this:

I was there! You know, back in the 90s.

This young woman did not know which college the sweatshirt came from, but only that her sister’s friend had gone there for a year. Shocked by my excitement, she let me take a closer look at the front:

The Moose!

She wants to study Korean and Japanese languages, and become a business woman in Korea. Perhaps I should see if she’s interested in becoming a Smithie. She’s already got the outfit!