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Resolution: Think Globally (Post Locally)

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

With every New Year come resolutions and a chance to take on personal challenges to make the next year better than the last. Over the next few posts, we are going to declare our resolutions to the world, knowing that there’s something a little scary and nerve wracking about actually stating these things to the public. In general, it’s a bit scary if I say I will do something, and then I don’t follow through and make it happen. Then I’m on the hook with the whole world knowing that I fell short. So, it is with a collective gulp and iron wills that the Hartmanns declare their Resolutions for 2011. Here we go…

Resolution #1: We will post to the blog more often and not miss reporting on major holidays and happenings.

Resolution #2: We will travel more. Preferably internationally. (We don’t know exactly where the time, money and energy for this will come from, but we are determined.)

And so, today, we took it upon ourselves to tackle our first two Resolutions squarely, and without trepidation.

We decided to travel to Sweden. Via Ikea.

You see, Dan has been mildly obsessed with Sweden since finishing the Steig Larsson Millenium Trilogy. From there, he launched into a recent BBC series of detective stories about the famed Swedish crime fighter Kurt Wallander and then into one of the Wallander books in the crazy famous (to everyone but us) series by Henning Mankell. So, today we decided to honor the spirit – if not the reality – of Resolution #2.

So we bundled up on a gray and dreary Bay Area day to Ikea in Emeryville. A fabulous approximation of Sweden if there ever was one… Here are a few things we learned on our travels!

They make interesting furniture in Sweden. (Note the orange space egg contraption chair in the background.)

Swedish beach chairs are particularly exciting to sit in.

There are a lot of tall people in Sweden.

They read books in Swedish.

Even their cookbooks are in Swedish. (So it doesn't matter how we orient the pages, because we still can't read them.)

They like to party in Sweden. Check out the crazy disco tunnel:

They have really tall, glowy flowers in Sweden. Very soothing.

It's so dark and cold outside that they drink lots of coffee.

Swedish meatballs are the best! And kids eat for free!

They drink lingonberry drinks. Yummy.

Large packs of faux-fur arctic animals roam wild there. Sometimes, they end up as really fuzzy rugs.

You can see the Northern Lights in Sweden. Pretty.

Little known fact: Sweden has huge forests of tropical plants! Go figure.

We learned a few Swedish words on our travels. Cool, eh?

Our girl digs foreign travel. We'll have to make plans for more adventures soon!

Thanks for hanging in there with us on our “what we did on our crazy foreign vacation travels” slideshow. More Resolutions are on the way in coming posts.

How are yours coming along?