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Just call me Job (October Challenge: Day 9?)

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

When I set out on the October Challenge, I thought it would be tough to come up with blog fodder, but MAN I did not know that I would choose what must be the craziest month in THL history! There’s just a TON going on here – much of which I haven’t blogged about. You see, I try to keep it positive here at THL, and not bring our readers down with the mundane humdrum and drama of everyday life. At least, I try to maintain the illusion of calm, happy and fun.

That said, we’ve got a lot going on, and it’s not all roses and happy dances. Somehow, the universe has decided to throw us a series of crises over the past month or so that has been unrelenting. (It’s kind of like a modern day Book of Job, without the personal conversations with God. Although, that may be moving up on my list…)

So – since I know you’re just sitting on the edge of your seat in suspense – here’s the quick list:

1. Toilet broke. Paid expensive weekend emergency plumber $$$ to confirm this fact. Bought new toilet. Javier our fabulous neighbor rescued us.

2. THE NEXT DAY the shower clogged and we had to call the SAME EXPENSIVE PLUMBER to come and fix it.

3. We were burgled. They broke the back window. They took computers and booze. And turned every drawer upside down. The were nice enough not to touch Ryan’s room – gentlemen, eh? Javier helped us fix the window.

4. Washing machine drain clogged. Dan bought new equipment to avoid calling the expensive plumber. It got stuck in the pipe. Javier rescued us again and fixed it.

5. Roof leaked. Javier contacted a friend who can fix it cheap next weekend. Spendy, but cool. But then it rained again yesterday. And this time IT LEAKED ONTO OUR BED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. Awesome.

6. Washing machine clogged AGAIN. No idea what’s going on. Will call Javier for advice. Mostly likely something systemic, and will require us calling THE EXPENSIVE PLUMBER again.

I am going to start calling him Saint Javier.

This month my work is crazy busy (in a good way, but still a lot to handle) and I am swamped pretty much everyday.
And… here’s the kicker:

Dan is prepping to go on medical leave to get his knee replaced. On Monday.

And my mother is coming to stay on our couch for a month. Saint Pinky to the rescue!

Always a little ray of sunshine, even on seemingly dark days...

And so, we’ve been thrown a few of trials. But I think we’ve also identified some angels keeping watch over us. And through it all, I’m going to stick to the October Challenge. ‘Cuz that’s the point, right?