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Epic Fail

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

My personal challenge for the month of October was to post every day. No. Matter. What. The goal was to jumpstart my blog mojo and get back to regular posts.

I managed 10 out of 31 possible posts. That’s 30%. I’m a teacher. I know that even if I were to curve the grades – that sucker is still a big whopping F.

But you know, I learned a few things along the way:
1. I’m human. Not Wonder Woman. Sometimes, I just don’t measure up.
2. Don’t make commitments when the husband is going in for major surgery and work is off-the-hook busy. Kind of an amateur move. Not to be repeated.
3. Life goes on.

I did manage to snap a few great photos and want to share some great times we had leading up to Dan’s surgery. As I posted here, we’ve had my mom on hand to help during a really stressful time. (She’s a trooper, by the way. More on that later.) The weekend before Dan went to the hospital, we decided to take a trip north to Petaluma to have lunch, get out of the house and leave the city behind. It was a lovely day, and Ryan had a great time shopping, playing and keeping us all sane.

Here are a few snapshots of our last “normal” day:

Lunch by the river.

Beer. Yum.

Trying out a new ride.

She stopped in her tracks...

... and ran inside to get a closer look at these. It was all we could do to drag her out of the window display!

We toured Petaluma's back alleys. She nearly ran into the tattoo parlor in excitement! (Oh and Bunny joined us for the afternoon.)

A petting zoo at the playground! "Bunny, meet bunny."


These photos were taken on Oct. 15, so I made it about halfway through the month before tanking miserably. Not bad for half a month! I’ll do better next time – I’m a veteran Challenger now.

Slowly, we’re getting back to normal here at Chez Hartmann. Dan had a bit of an initial setback, but is now back on the PT bandwagon. The new knee is going to be awesome. Once he breaks it in and works out a few kinks.

Thanks for hanging in and reading along.



The Pink One Cometh (October Challenge: Day 10)

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

Fallen behind a bit on the October Challenge, but I’m picking it up and running with it this morning. Here we go!

Pinky flew in on Thursday evening for her extended visit to the Hartmann household. Usually, she comes for short, quick trips to see us, catch the sites and give Ryan a few smooches. But this time, she’s here for a whole month – and we couldn’t be more excited! You see, Dan heads in for knee surgery tomorrow, and Pinky is the army of one we’ve enlisted to help hold everything together while Dan is in the hospital and recovering for a few weeks.

So, as you can imagine, it’s been busy here at THL for the last week or so. Lots going on – mental and psychological preparations for surgery. It always takes Ryan some time to get used to new people -particularly when it seems like they are going to stick around and sleep on the couch. Being the highly-trained kid person and grandmother extraordinaire that she is, Pinky rolls with it all really well. She even babysat while we had a date night last night! Date night?! What a concept!

Here are a couple of pics from her August visit that capture The Pink One in action. Warming up the kiddo and taking it all in stride.

Playing peek-a-boo in the otter habitat at the zoo.


Raise a glass to Pinky! Three cheers for The Pink One!

We’re off to the hospital tomorrow morning. I may manage another post in the meantime, but I’m not promising anything. Please send Dan all your get-well wishes and healing vibes! We’ll take all the positive energy we can get.

~ Susan

Our Day Home

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

A little while back I had the pleasure of spending the day at home with Ryan. She wasn’t able to go to daycare and Susan still had to go to work, so I took the day off and got to hang-out with my little girl. I thought I’d share some of the day with you.

First thing we did was get up and get dressed and head into the living room to play after we got Susan off to work.

What do you mean you need to watch over me? I've got everything I need here. See.

After rolling around and playing with toys and listening to glow worm we decided to read.

Some people have a thinking cap, Ryan has a reading cap.

All that fun was a lot of work as so it was time for a nap. I was able to catch a little shut-eye myself, which was rather nice.

Her Holiness the Dali Napa says that all life is grumpiness unless one awakens from their nap.

After our nap and lunch we went back to playing, and we had a surprise guest join us.

What? A surprise play guest? And me caught with this cup my my mouth. What can I say, I'm speechless.

That’s right, it was Bella. She came down from her nap spot and got really interested in Ryan’s toys. Bella was so interested in fact I had to take the a couple of toys away from the cat several times. Of course it didn’t help that Ryan kept giving her toys to Bella. She thought Bella was the most interesting thing, and couldn’t get enough of the cat. It was really cute to watch.

Ryan says, "Here Bella you have this toy. Don't let that Daddy person stop us from doing what we want, and I want you to have it."

Shortly after all this fun Susan got home from work and we all fell into our regular afternoon/early evening routines.

With that said, I must say this was one of the most exciting and fun days I’ve ever had in my life. It was so great to be able to spend time with Ryan, just the two of us. It was a real bonding moment for both of us and made me realize on a gut level, and not just an intellectual level, how important it is to the adults, not just the kids, for parents and their children to spend time together. That’s all for now, as I’m off to spend time with my wonderful family.