This is one of the ways a small group of Hartmanns on the west coast, Ryan, Susan and Dan to be exact, thought they could stay in touch with family and friends that aren’t as close. And for all those friends and family that do live close by, just another great way for them to see what’s going on will all of us as well.

Lots of love from,

Ryan, Susan & Dan



2 Responses to “About”

  1. Peter Hartmann says:

    It goes without saying that Ryan is a beautiful baby. Your pictures are great; keep putting more on.

    As far as putting two pieces of music together, currently I don’t have any personally selected songs on any medium except for some really old cassette tapes, which I haven’t listened to for several years. So the only juxtaposition of songs is what the producer chose on CDs.

    I only recognize the first piece of music you mention. So I have no idea how they go together if at all. I assume that you could always move them around or skip one if you were not in a mood to hear them both.

    Personally, I enjoy a range of types of music and it’s not rare that I will listen to classical music on NPR and then switch to an Oldies station when the mood strikes me. Or, I may just switch to a CD of Andrew Lloyd Weber music.

    Great talking with you, Susan and Ryan on Skype.

  2. Dan says:

    Thanks for the input about the music and as always it’s great talking with you guys. I really think this is one of the good sides of technology, it helps families that are far apart stay in close touch.

    Love you.


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