Techincally, Labor Day signals the end of summer. But in our neck of the woods, it’s just the beginning! Indian summer is when the really warm and sunny weather kicks in. So, to mark the beginning/ending aspect of the day, we thought we’d head out to Emerald Glen Park in Dublin to hang out with our friends Megan and Andrew – and their son Matthew – to enjoy some summertime fun. Matthew and Ryan are about a week apart in age, so it was a afternoon full of toddler antics and adventures.

Here’s a recap of the afternoon’s highlights. Narration by Ryan:

This is Matthew. He’s my buddy. Handsome devil, eh?


Water squirted up really high! It was awesome.


I found this cool shovel, and tried to hit the water while it was in the air.


Sometimes we had to share the water spouts. We did pretty well until the Water Bullies came and splashed us. Mommy and Daddy told them off, and then we got to go back to having a blast.


This big rainbow sprayed water down! At first it scared me, but then I started running through it and it became my favorite water feature of the day.




Sopping wet, but loving it!


After we dried off, we played on the playground.


We pretended we were pirates crossing the bridge. Aye Matie!


After all that excitement, Mommy and Daddy took me out to dinner. I wore my bib like a bandit.

We had a great afternoon and are looking forward to more summer fun, now that fall is here! But, it reminds me that there are a few summertime exploits that still need to be blogged… coming soon!



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