Encountering a Legend

Dan has often spoken fondly of his cousin, Eric, who lives in Seattle:

“Eric lives in Seattle.”

“Eric is a veterinarian.”

“Eric is an acupuncturist for animals and humans.”

“Eric has a hairless cat named Lizard Boy.”**

These are the stories I’ve heard about a bazillion times over the last decade since Dan and I got together. But, I had never met The Man himself. That is, until he and Jeremy swung through town a few weeks ago whilst on vacation here in California. We had a far-too-brief evening of stories and conversation and wine. A good time was had by all!

There you have it. Photographic proof of his visit and existence! (Sasquatch has nothin’ on this guy…)

Hopefully, it won’t be a bazillion more years until we see them again!


**I had to ask. And  yes, cuddling with a hairless cat is like snuggling up with a suede hot water bottle. True Story.


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