Ode to Wild Spring – Bunnies, Monkeys and Vultures! (Oh my.)

As described previously, the weather around here has been lousy for the last few weeks. But it looks like spring is finally coming our way. Even the animals at the zoo were excited. (Yes, we could tell.) In honor of SPRING FEVER we bring you installment number two of our Ode to Wild Spring… enjoy!

After visiting the goats, we headed out to see a bunch of our other favorite animals. It seems that everyone was happy for the rain to have stopped. It certainly made Ryan happy. Our first stop was the Bunnies. You see, bunnies are a big deal in our household. Ryan sleeps with a stuffed bunny (named “Bunny” – we’re original like that) every night and uses sign language to ask for it. If Bunny has gone missing, then we stop everything and hunt for Bunny. We just cross our fingers that nothing dire ever happens to Bunny…

Usually the bunnies at the zoo are rather sedentary, or they are cowering from the crowds. But on Sunday, they were out in force. Hopping, sniffing, and generally looking rather cute. Ryan certainly thought so.

From there, we walked up the hill a bit to see the Squirrel Monkeys. These cuties are Dan’s favorites and we spent a good long while watching them play and swing through the trees. Ryan loves them. Her newest animal sound is the monkey sound.

We were having a great time, just chilling with the monkeys and such, when we were reminded just how wild those crazy zoo creatures are. I think being cooped up inside for weeks on end got on everyone’s nerves. Right next to the cutie-pie monkeys we heard the most alarming noises coming from the chimpanzees’ area. It seems that Chimp A (we’ll call him Jim) stole the warm blanket from Chimp B (we’ll call him Harvey) and Chimp C (we’ll call her Bernadette) had to add her two cents’ worth to the argument. Here’s what it all looked like.

Needless to say, Ryan was a bit disturbed by this. We promptly left and headed down to check out the tortoises. It’s much calmer in the tortoise zone. But more on that in the next post… Stay tuned!



While the squirrel monkeys played, the bunnies hopped and the chimps stole blankets… the vultures kept busy…

(Romance and whispering sweet nothings are clearly not high priorities for these guys.)








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