Flying Solo

A couple of weeks ago, I took a solo trip back east to help my amazing friend Camsie get married. (Actually, she was able to get married without me, but I arrived early to help with the final preparations and such). I hadn’t ever been away from Ryan for this long, and it took some readjusting to reassert my non-Mommy side. But, I persevered and had a great time!

Camsie lives in Washington, D.C. just a few blocks from my brother-in-law, Adam and his girlfriend, Ashley, so I was able to squeeze in a bunch of visits. The trip was chock full of adventure, and I didn’t actually remember to take photos of everyone/everything. However, trust me when I say that it was an excellent visit. Here are a few highlights…

Thought about calling Michelle to trade gardening tips, but it was too cold for chit chat.

After running errands and prepping for the wedding all day, Camz and I went out for a nice, relaxing glass of wine to unwind before the mayhem began in earnest. Note: she is still on the phone coordinating details, even while "relaxing"...

Camsie and her Dad at dinner at some famous old restaurant I can't remember the name of. Fun!

After the wedding was over (I didn’t get any photos, but it was beautiful), Mom and I headed home for an official Slingluff Family Sleepover. It was great! Aunt Maggie came up for the night, and kept us laughing with  stories of crazy distant cousins who we had never heard of before. (Thankfully, Aunt Maggie actually knows and remembers all the family lore!) Rich, Jennifer and the kids camped in the basement. It was seriously fun and I am so glad that I got to spend some quality time with everyone. The kids are getting so big! I wish Ryan had been there to play with her cousins… hopefully this summer we’ll make it back to go to the beach.

He'll probably hate me for posting this someday, but Alex is quite the character.

Jesse and her pink bear, Ariel. Seriously, I don't think nieces come much cuter...

And what did Dan do with Ryan while I was away?

He fed her to a hippo.

It was a great trip back east and I enjoyed seeing everyone. There was much, much more packed into the trip, but I don’t have any photos.



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