Big Girl Shoes

Last night, as we were getting Ryan ready for bed, she popped up, ran over to a pile of hand-me-down kid shoes in the corner and began earnestly searching for something. We didn’t pay much attention, given that she’s a toddler and randomly digging through things is a regular occurrence. However, the kiddo emerged from her treasure hunt with a matching pair of pink, flowery flip-flops.

She brought them over to us with a look of anticipation and gestured for us to put them on her feet. We jammed them on over her footie pajamas and off she toddled, happy with her new fashionista self. As you can imagine, the flip-flop-over-footies arrangement was less than ideal.

After putting them on and taking them off numerous times (at GREAT insistence) we suggested a pair of pink buckle shoes, also with flowers.

This new pair fit the bill and off she toddled to explore the world of fashionable girlie footwear…

All Dan and I could do was look at each other and think “Man, we are so in for it.”

It’s still early days, but I think we may have a Shoe Queen on our hands. Manolo Blahnik, watch out.



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  1. Barb Carolus says:

    oh my gosh…that is sooo cute…you go girl!

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