A Winter Weekend in Wine Country

Last weekend was absolutely GORGEOUS here in Northern California. Really stunning. And we spent it the best way possible – hanging out with Barbie and Lyle in Wine Country! They flew up from Tucson for the weekend to taste wine, meet Ryan and see us (requisite since we bring the kid). We had a fantastic time drinking great wine and generally just catching up after a long break. Here are a few of the many fabulous moments of the weekend. Enjoy!

Winter in Wine Country.

Ryan and Grammy Lyle in front of a vintage pick-up.

The view of the Russian River Valley from Gary Farrell Winery. Stunning. (And the wines are some of the best anywhere. Pinot anyone?)

Hop Kiln Winery. Cool old building.

Lovely stone work. (California is so "new" that we don't have much in the way of old and historic buildings. I love them.)

Playing. Running. Climbing stairs. Fun.

Merlot and Chocolate Mustard. Dee-lish.

Ryan just being silly and doing a Little Rainbow Riding Hood impersonation.

Fun and Family. What more can we ask for?

We’re here at the end of a hectic week, and looking back, last weekend seems like a really yummy, fun, wonderful lifetime ago. Can’t wait to see those guys again. Maybe a trip to the desert is in order?

~ Susan


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  1. Barb Carolus says:

    We loved, loved, loved being with the three of you last weekend. The time went too quickly. Next time we’ll get together in a place where Ryan isn’t constantly carded. Hope all is well, and that everyone is over the “sniffles”. much love, barbie and lyle

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