Shadow Play

Happy New Year’s Eve Everyone! We’re getting ready for a great night of partying and ringing in the New Year*, and thought we’d post a little video taken this morning. Just a little thing that made us smile. We hope you enjoy it! Shadow Play 2 ** (as usual, click once then click again)

It’s great to know that we can add shadow puppeteer extraordinaire to Dan’s CV!

We wish you all a very Happy New Year’s Eve full of fun and revelry, and a spectacular start to 2011.


* We’re celebrating the East Coast New Year. It’s a brilliant plan devised by friends with small children a few years back. We party. We have fun. We watch the ball drop in Times Square. We marvel at Dick Clark’s longevity. They we head for home and put the kiddo to bed by 9:30 pm! Definitely a perk of living in Pacific Coast Time.

**New video since this post went live! I uploaded the wrong one the first time around. So, give this one a go when you have a few moments.


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