The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test

While Dan and Ryan enjoyed the rest of the week in Orlando, I was back in Oakland for work and my first kid-free nights in a year. That’s right, KID-FREE. And husband free, and obligation free… I think you get the picture. I put the word out that I had a Friday night free and clear to paint the town red, but when the evening rolled around my dance card was empty. So what’s a girl to do???

I pulled out a stash of Kool-Aid and spent the evening dyeing yarn, of course… yeah, I’m geeky crafty like that.

A rainbow of fruit flavors.

My hanks are colorfully hanging in the kitchen and bringing some zip to an otherwise rather drab morning. Here are some observations from the evening:

1. It’s worth seeking out the Mexican flavors. Very cool colors. The best: Jamaica (aka Hibiscus to us Yanks) – a really nice, dark red. Runner-up: Pina (aka Pineapple) – lovely yellow.

2. Orange is a truly obnoxious color. No matter how much I try to love it, sometimes there’s just no getting around it.

3. Kool-Aid is a highly unnatural substance. I can’t believe we drink this stuff. Seriously acidic. And it’s a permanent dye. But it smells tasty…

220 yards of colorful wooly goodness. Yep, that's two football fields.

My one free Friday night in a year, and this is what I have to show for it? You know you’re getting old when…

Mittens anyone? How about a hat?



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