Well, Thanksgiving 2010 was a great success! And Ryan fared really well, considering there was a lot of commotion and new people around all day. Somehow, in the all the merriment and excitement, I neglected to take any proper holiday photos. But rest assured, a great time was had by all and no one left hungry! We had dinner at Pamela’s house for the second year in a row, and had a great time. She’s is a great host, and pulled off a fabulous meal with all the trimmings despite having had a cold in the week leading up to the Big Day. (Mega trooper points for Pamela)

The aftermath of the feast.

Following dinner, Pamela and Ryan treated us all to a holiday sing-a-long, with Ryan playing the rhythm section. It was a lot of fun to say the least. Ryan is really loving music these days. It’s so fun for us to see her personality emerging more everyday!

The rhythm section.


I hope you all had restful Thanksgiving celebrations full of friends, family and whatever traditions suit your fancy!



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