One Trick [Toy] Pony

It’s true. Even babies get bored sometimes. Boredom is clearly a universal condition.* So, to ward off any chance of Ryan falling pray to it, we decided to head out and find her a new toy. I had a short list of criteria: interactive, musical and something that she could use over the next year or so. So, we hopped in the car and drove two towns over to the nearest Target to see what we could find (there’s a fancy schmancy toy store closer by with gorgeous wooden toys painted tasteful colors, but frugality dictates that I not set foot in the place).  This little trek took us through “the maze”, a notoriously congested tangle of freeway convergences, and into Bay Area Saturday afternoon traffic. But we were undaunted. Ryan kept us entertained by singing in the backseat and the weather was fine, so we enjoyed ourselves despite the traffic.

Target was packed and the toy aisles overflowing with screeching children: “Mommy can I have it, pleeeeeeze?” We were a bit overwhelmed, but given my short list of requirements, we figured we’d be able to find something.  Oh how wrong we were! The overwhelmingness of the decision was astounding.

Checking out the new toy

So, we did what any number of parents might do in our position – we grabbed the colorful thing that was on sale and fled the toy aisle scene as fast as we could. We bought some batteries, brought it home and set it up.  It has balls and a swirly track and it plays music. We had high hopes. The excitement lasted about 10 seconds. Then, it was all played out. Ryan is scared of it. The music is horrific. And it has this fan thing that makes all kinds of crazy noise… so, basically, it’s a dud.

Maybe if I pull it over it’ll be more fun

Everyone was intrigued at first.

I'm over it. Can we take it back?

Hello, I am a one trick pony.

But the packaging is pretty cool.


*My Aunt Maggie used to say “only boring people get bored.” Hmmph.


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