Little Bo Peep…

As many of my nearest and dearest can attest, I have become wool-obsessed in recent years. I am a knitter, and wool is where it’s at. Being the incredibly supportive spouse that he is, Dan allowed me to drag the family out to Dixon to the Lambtown Festival last Saturday. Besides, it’s good to get out of the city from time to time and reconnect with my agricultural roots.

Lambtown is a gathering of all things sheep – sheep breeders showing meat and fiber animals, vendors selling lamb delicacies of all sorts, weavers, spinners, knitters and a host of others who revel in wooly things. There was food, music and dancing. It was fun. And only two bucks to get in! Can’t beat that.

In addition to sheep, this year’s festival included the California Alpaca Association’s annual competition. And I must say that alpacas are probably the cutest barnyard animals I’ve ever seen. I think they may be my new favorite livestock… Ryan loved the music, the dancing (Dixon’s local dance studio students were so cute in their pink and sparkly tutus) and – most importantly – THE ANIMALS. I wasn’t sure how she’d respond to the festival or if she’d even take in the surroundings. But she had a great time that day, and Dan and I had a blast watching her check out the sights.

Let me pet them! They’re like the cats, but BIGGER and they can’t hide on top of the fridge!

Very serious stuff, this alpaca business...

A mutual cuteness appreciation moment.

We watched some of the sheep competitions, and I had to keep myself from giggling and thinking of “Best in Show”. The tension was palpable and it was all very serious in the judging ring. Lots of nail biting and breath holding in the crowd. Ryan loved it all, and paid no attention to the drama.

The ewe on the right took home the Blue Ribbon… probably not her best angle.

So, a great day was had by all. And I didn’t even buy any new yarn…(Hear that sound? That’s our bank account breathing a sigh of relief).



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