Heading East! Part 4: Bittersweet

So, the other day I was ranting about how annoying it is when my favorite bloggers neglect to update their blogs for months on end. And then I remembered that it was the first official day of Autumn and I had never finished chronicling our fantastic summer vacation! You know what they say about people in glass houses… Anyway, without further ado – I present the last installment of our summertime east coast adventures…

After spending the week in Ocean City, it was time to head back to Annapolis to spend more time with family and get ready to head home. Our first visitor was the amazing, fabulous and Presidential Award-Winning Camsie Matis. (Yep, I’m totally bragging about Camz’s awesomeness. I cried when she told me she won.) She arrived just in time for dinner and they got to hang out a bit and get acquainted. (Dan and I always joke that Ryan loves food so much that she’ll give Camz a run for her money some day…) Camz is one of Ryan’s godparents, so I was particularly excited that they finally got to meet. After dinner, Ryan went to sleep and we were able to go out for dinner and drinks in downtown Annapolis. A much-needed time to connect and catch up. Camz took off on a whirlwind trip around Southeast Asia the next day, so I felt lucky to be able to get in a visit!

Foodies. They come in all shapes and sizes.

The next day was full of visits and fun while we got ready to fly back to California. Dad came down with a cold while we were all in Ocean City, so he never made it to the beach. It was great for Ryan to have a chance to hang out with him. Besides, Dad has a way of making babies laugh a lot. (I have video of him singing a song or two to Ryan, I’ll have to post it sometime.)

Giggling with Grand-Daddy Dick.

Peter and Rhada came down for lunch and we had a great time hanging around, catching up and playing. Well, Ryan had a blast. I had to stop having fun to go pack and figure out how to get all of our stuff back to the west coast… But, it’s not really about me anymore, is it? She’s way cuter.

Having fun playing with Granddad.

Rhada helped me practice my new sitting skills.

Swingin' on a Sunday afternoon... what could be better?

It was great to be with my grandparents!

Kisses all around!

And to top off a great afternoon – Angela stopped by for a visit. (Quick backstory: Angela has worked with my mom at The Key School for ages, makes the most amazing Greek food ever, and has known Dan and I since we were kids. She’s one of the warmest and most wonderful people we know. We love her.) Her daughter Effie had just had a baby a couple of days before and she was stopping by on her way to visit her new grandson. It was so cool to see her and to get to introduce Ryan to her!

The two best-looking grannies in the world!

And then, after a wonderful week, we flew back to California. It was a bittersweet flight – I was sad to say goodbye to everyone, but we were both looking forward to seeing Daddy!

I wiggled and squirmed the whole way back to California. No sleep for me!

We had a great trip back east, full of family, fun and adventure. We can’t wait to go back next summer to see everyone again!

~ Susan


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  1. Peter Hartmann says:

    We loved spending time with Ryan, Susan and her parents. Wish they lived closer so we could see more of them. At least we make use of Skype, which has proven to be lots of fun and a great way to watch Ryan grow and develop. She appears to be curious just how people get inside her Dad’s computer!

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