Heading East! Part 2: The Beach

After visiting with everyone over the weekend, we drove out to Ocean City on Monday. We pulled into Aunt Dottie’s in the late afternoon, met up with Aunt Nancy who had also arrived that day and waited for Aunt Nancy’s friend Michelle to arrive. We settled in to our new digs and got ready for some beach fun the next day!

Captain Ryan at the helm of the S.S. Rubber Ducky!

We set up a blanket in the shade for Ryan and made sure she was perfectly comfortable and at ease on the beach. She was a happy camper to say the least – not so sure about the sand, but the ducky was her favorite.

Just chillin' and taking it easy...

That night, Sally came out to visit us and brought Josie along! It was great to finally meet Josie and to have the girls together. (Josie is about three and a half weeks older than Ryan, so Sally and I have shared many conversations over the past eight months.) We thought that it would be a really cute picture for posterity if we put both girls in the ducky for a photoshoot… They weren’t particularly pleased about this arrangement.

Not the most successful attempt at a photo, but they are still cuties, no?

Little did we realize that just about the time of the rubber ducky photoshoot breakdown, Ryan started to fuss and get really unhappy. Convinced she was cutting a tooth, we tried to make her feel better and keep her happy. By midnight she had a full-blown fever and was downright miserable. The next morning I took her to urgent care and they sent us to the local hospital. Ryan had sinusitis and something funky in her lungs… so antibiotics were in order. (She also cut a tooth the next day – I knew it!). Needless to say, we missed a fun day at the beach. But Ryan started feeling better pretty quickly and we were back in action soon enough.

Back at the beach for more fun!

One afternoon it rained REALLY hard, and we all packed into Dottie’s living room for some rainy day fun. By this time, Rich and Jennifer and the kids had arrived to join us. They camped on Assateague and drove over during the day.

STILL managing to have fun - even in the rain!

More beach fun… kids on the beach. Seriously entertaining. Can’t wait until next year!

Jesse helped add water to Ryan's ducky. She is a very caring and attentive cousin.

Once a bucket of sand was added to the mix, Alex couldn't help but get in on the fun! I can't wait until Ryan is bigger and can run around with him.

Three generations on the beach! Can't beat that.

Ryan rode her first carousel! Fun!

The carousel is really old and the animals are incredibly detailed. We rode it when we were kids.

Strolling the boardwalk and looking like a local.

We had a great time in Ocean City! I managed to miss taking pictures of so many people – Rich, Jennifer, Aunt Nancy, Kay (Ryan’s birthday buddy!), Guy, Sally… What can you do? It was a jam-packed week of adventures. Fun all around…. another post coming soon.



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