Heading East! Part 1: All about family

Well, Ryan and I survived our first mother-daughter adventure trek to the East Coast! We had a great and eventful visit that can’t be contained in one blog post, so this is the first of a series that I’ll publish in the coming week or so.

We flew out of SFO on a red eye Friday night and arrived at BWI tired, but excited. When we arrived, the heat index was hovering around 105 degrees, and it remained unbearably hot for our first weekend. Don’t get me wrong – I love warm summer weather (anyone who has had to listen to me complain about summer in the Bay Area knows that). But, 105 is HOT, and the crazy high humidity made it all the muggier. As a result, you may notice that all of these photos are inside shots. It was way too hot out for smiling and saying cheese.

With the heat so high, we actually bailed on our first scheduled event of the week – a party at Chickahominy. The idea of schlepping a cranky, jet-lagged baby on another two hour car ride (each way) in 105 degree mugginess just seemed too much for one day. Especially given that she would meet another 100 new people once we got there… But, it was a missed opportunity for Ryan to meet the extended southern Maryland clan, and I missed seeing everyone. Hopefully, we’ll be able to make it back for Christmas this year, and I can make amends.

Instead, we stayed home and had an easy dinner at Mom and Dad’s house in Annapolis. Rich and Jennifer came over with the kids and the cousins got to spend some quality time together. It was great to see Jesse and Alex! Although we talk on Skype from time to time, it was really fun to just hang out and reconnect with them.

Sing it with me now… “We are fa-mi-ly”.

They’ve grown so much since last year! Alex was just a little peanut last time I saw him! And Jesse is all personality these days. She doted on Ryan –  she found herself a real, live baby doll and spent a fair amount of energy and creativity choosing outfits for Ryan to wear throughout the week! It was fun.

Like a real, live baby doll!

On Sunday, Adam, Ashley, Kathy and Judy came over to visit with Ryan. It was so great for Ryan to finally meet her grandmother! It was a mellow day, and given the crazy heat outside, we just spent the day playing with Ryan and catching up. Somehow, I didn’t get any good pictures of Adam and Ashley that day! (and the videos I took are horrendously bad) But, I did manage a few winners of Kathy and Judy.

Grandma and Ryan...

... having a ball!

Getting sleepy while hanging out with Great-aunt Judy.

After a fun-filled day of family, everyone headed back to Judy’s house and we got Ryan ready for bed. That night, a HUGE thunderstorm hit the area, and 120,000 people lost power in the DC/Baltimore area. I loved it! Although I know that the storm caused a fair number of headaches for many in the area (Adam said that dinner back at Judy’s was a no-go) I loved it. We don’t really get thunderstorms in Oakland…

Stay tuned for the next installment.. this was a long post. Thanks for hanging in to the end!

~ Susan


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