After a long, wet winter, spring is finally here in the Bay Area! We decided to spend the afternoon on an outing to the Berkeley Marina to enjoy the sunshine, hang out by the Bay and watch the kites flying overhead. It was sunny, warm and gorgeous! Ryan had her first encounter with grass and generally loves being outside. She watched the kites and told us all about her favorites! (She’s very chatty these days.)

Love the colors!

This park is located exactly where the Bay’s famous fog rolls in from the Golden Gate and hits the East Bay. So, in the summer, this is one of the coldest spots in town – windy and gray, with lousy visibility. Often, you can’t even see land on the other side. However, sometimes you luck out, the fog stays away and this is one of the best spots anywhere to catch a beautiful postcard sunset.

Our view: San Francisco sklyline on the left, Golden Gate on the right.

Ryan really enjoys being outside. Today she checked out the grass and modeled for a few portraits.

Capturing Ryan's first encounter with grass.

Ready for summer!

By the end of the afternoon, we were all tired and ready to come home for the night. Dan and I napped. Ryan, not so much…

Sleepy girl.

A beautiful day all around! We’ll have to come back for the annual kite festival one of these years.



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