In honor of Virginia

When I was a very small girl, my grandmother, Virginia MacCubbin, sewed quite a few dresses for me. They were beautiful – pleated, smocked, embroidered, puffed-sleeved and ruffled. When she was out visiting in February, my mom brought me a few of my old dresses that she had saved all these years. One of them fit perfectly for Easter.

Sadly, the lighting in these photos was not the best and we only had the camera on my iPhone. But at least we got a few photos ! Babies grow so quickly that I don’t think that the dress will fit at the next holiday or dress-worthy event.

My grandmother died when I was about four years old, but I have always remembered the dresses that she made for me. I don’t have any photos of her (in fact, very few exist). So, here you have my tribute to Virginia, my grandmother. Her craftsmanship has stood the test of time. I’ll have to put the dress away for safe keeping and give it to Ryan for her daughter to wear someday.

An old-fashioned, almost doll-like Easter dress…so cute! (Maybe I’ll blow this one up really big so that Aunt Dotty can see it. I think she’d like that.*)

Look at that smocking!

Cute, no?

~ Susan

*Aunt Dotty was one of my grandmother’s best friends since childhood. She’s still living large – 94 and still on her own. She tells really great stories and even a few racy jokes from time to time.


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2 Responses to “In honor of Virginia”

  1. Robin says:

    What a precious angel! I had dresses like that when I was a little girl as well! I love them. Looks like we will be getting our court date soon – we’ll let you know if/when we will be in Northern CA! We MUST meet Ryan. Oh yeah. We could spend some time with you too.

  2. Courtney says:

    Love the smocked dress! My mother saved some of mine as well. Unfortunately, I can’t remember who made them for me. Hope to share them with a daughter some day.

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