Three Months Old!

Hey Everybody! Ryan here. Just thought I’d check in to let you know some of the things I’ve been up to lately. You know, I am three months old now, and I think I am really starting to engage life and grow as an individual. Here’s a quick synopsis of what I’m into these days:

Daddy and I have been hanging out a lot. We have a lot of fun.

We have a ton of fun at bath time. Sometimes we pretend I'm a pirate.

We also like to dance and watch the disco screen saver.

As you can see, I am concentrating hard these days. Here I am trying to master the fine art of batting at dangling objects.

I am quite pleased with my progress. I am getting pretty good at it!

I have also been taking a lot of yoga classes. These are my fellow yogis! I'm at the top in the brown jacket with hearts. Clockwise are Evie, Marco, Soleil, Juliette, and Penelope. We are a very cool bunch of kids.

Mommy and I went to a knitting trade show down in San Jose. It was pretty fun, but it'll be a while before I work on any big projects. The skeins of yarn are bigger than me!

I'm wondering if I should take up modeling. Here I am sporting the fabulous knit dress that Mommy made for me. I think I look pretty good. Do you think it's too soon to contact Vogue?

Tummy time is really improving. Soon I'll be rolling over!

And finally, Mommy and I have been working on our singing. Here’s a little duet we recorded earlier today: Ryan twinkle twinkle (click on this link and then click AGAIN on the next page).



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