The Mushroom Fairy

So, the other day I stepped out onto my porch on the way out to walk with Ryan. And there, on the doorstep, was a magnificent, unmarked grocery bag full of chanterelle mushrooms. Freshly foraged. Ready to eat… Amazing. At $20 per pound in the local stores (and significantly more at the farmers’ market), these babies are like mushroom gold.

I call this "Still Life with Mushroom Goodness".

So, who is the Mushroom Fairy you ask? A smallish, nordic-looking gnome? A local do-gooder seeking an invite to dinner? Santa’s elves picking up side gigs during the off season??? Nope. It’s our friend Blake. A fabulous forager of the local hills and a very generous man indeed. And we will definitely have him over to dinner very soon.

~ Susan

PS – The menu for the night included a great grilled porterhouse, saffron wild rice, fresh salad and, of course, sauteed chanterelles in a butter and wine sauce. Yum.


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