Ryan Reporting from the Home Front

Ryan here. Just thought I’d add my two cents’ worth to the family blog. It seems that my parents really like posting photos and updates about me, but I think it’s time that I express myself just a little bit. I may only be 10 weeks old, but I’m my own person, you know?

Best Technology: Glow Worm. Better than an IPod. Best Song: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

This is Emily (aka Stinky). She really doesn't like to be bothered while she's sleeping... which is most of the time.

This is Bella. She likes to share my toys and hang out in my room.

I really don't like Tummy Time.

I wear a lot of pink. Today, I’m rockin’ the ladybugs.

Mommy and I have been going for lots of walks. I really like Lake Merritt, but now that the weather is better, I need some cool shades.

Favorite Book: Polar Bear Polar Bear, What do you Hear? This is a rather eyecatching picture, don't you think?

This is Josie. She lives in Delaware. We're long distance friends. Our mommies have been friends since the first grade.

Well, that’s it for my photo essay! I hope you enjoyed it.




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