Sad Sniffles

How to explain to an 8 week old child that her runny nose and sneezing are not the end of the world? Ryan woke up happy and sunny, but came down with the sniffles by mid morning.

The day started on a smiley note...

Sleeping all day. Eating a bit. Crying whenever it all became too much to bear…

...but ended sniffly and grumpy.

Dan and I, we canceled our plans and hung around the house all day feeling sorry for Ryan. We talked to blizzard-bound friends and family. We wrote a few thank you notes (they are coming, promise!) and participated in some PBS-sponsored armchair travel. Fancy a trip to Iran? The Spanish Islands? We can tell you where to go. We also watched a couple of Jacques Pepin cooking shows, and decided that scallopini with a creamy morel reduction sauce would probably be an outstanding dinner entree. Deep thoughts, you know?

~ Susan


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  1. Pinky says:

    Sure hope Ryan feels better soon. She is precious with and without the sniffles!!!!!

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