I can’t talk now . . .

. . . I’ve got a hand in my mouth.

Is it the taste, the need to entertain in front of the camera, hunger, desire to self mutilate, or just an innate reflex to suck on things to aid relaxtion? Watch this short video and leave us your thoughts about the subject.

Note: Ryan had just finished eating before we took this video so please don’t think we are starving our child to get video. We’re just not that into method acting. 😉



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2 Responses to “I can’t talk now . . .”

  1. Peter Hartmann says:

    It doesn’t seem to matter what she is doing; she is gorgeous! Since she just ate I presume her hand was just dessert.

  2. Barb Carolus says:

    Hey, it appears there’s something in my mouth, I’ll just wipe it onto my hand, oh wait, there’s something on my fingers, I think I’ll just suck it off, oh no, there’s something in my mouth again, I’ll try to get it off onto my hand….oh wow, I appear to have a hand, I wonder if it fits into my mouth….

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