Front Yard Abundance

I was talking to my mother on the phone last night and she told me about the snow storms expected in Maryland over the next week or so. She expressed great excitement about the possibility of a 2 hour delayed school opening and even that most anticipated event – the Snow Day. Our conversation left me a bit nostalgic for cold winters, snow and the way that icicles glow when the sun shines through them. In particular, I remember the dogwood tree that was in our yard at Bachelor’s Hope and how when the branches iced over, the whole tree looked like it was made of glass and shimmered in the sun… It was gorgeous.

Growing up here in Northern California, Ryan will not know the anticipation of Snow Days or the shimmer of icy trees. To see real snow here, one has to drive up to the mountains, or go “to the snow” as they say in local parlance. I’ll have to make a concerted effort to get her up to Tahoe, so that I can teach her how to make snow angels, sled down a hill, and how to have a snowball fight.

But, in the meantime, winter here in Northern California is the greenest time of year, and the only time we get any rain. While the trees remain bare, the grass grows and perennials soak in a season’s worth of water. As I was walking around Oakland today, I was struck by the greenery and the vegetative abundance we have in the Bay Area. It was particularly cool to see how folks are putting their front yards to work in growing edibles.

Citrus anyone?

Mmmm... salad

So, even though we don’t have any snowy, wintry goodness here, we do have sunny, 60 degree days with fresh fruits and veggies all year round. Not much to complain about, really. I think I can get over having to drive Ryan up to the snow from time to time… And she doesn’t really seem to mind either!



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